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Tape-Ins are one of the newest hair extension methods which provides true styling versatility.  They are pretty much undetectable and they work for women on the go.   Each package contains 40 tapes of double drawn hair that are 1 1/2 inches wide. They are 100% Raw hair and of the highest quality  Tape-Ins can last up to  six months with proper care. When you want to remove your tape ins you will purchase tape in bond remover which will gently release the tape ins. Tape ins come in straight, wavy and curly textures.  You will need at least 2 sets (80 tape ins) to acheive a full look.


Platinum Raw Tape Ins-40 pieces 100 grams

  • Raw Hair is the best hair on the market.  It is directly sourced from Temples.  The hair is from single donors and is 100% unprocessed. This hair can be dyed any color and will still hold its amazing quality.


    Please allow 7-10 business days for the delivery of your order.  This hair is hard to source as we providing single donor hair. If you are requesting colored extensions please allow for 15 day delivery.

  • VBS Hair collection will accept returns only if the original packaging has not been tampered with and the hair was not taken out of the original weft enclosure.

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