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Raw Hair is the best hair on the market.  It is directly sourced from Temples in India.  The hair is sourced from single donors and is 100% unprocessed. This hair can be dyed any color and will still hold its amazing quality.


Please allow 7-10 business days for the delivery of your order.  This hair is hard to source as we providing single donor hair.

Platinum Collection-Raw Wavy Hair

  • This hair is from our Platinum Collection.  It is hair in its purest form.  The curly pattern for this hair is a natural wave. Some waves may be deeper than others based on the natural curl of the donor of the hair.  The hair color will also vary from black to medium brown.

  • VBS Hair collection will accept returns only if the original packaging has not been tampered with and the hair was not taken out of the original weft enclosure.

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